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AppFood — is a fast-food restaurant

Industry Catering business
Location Ukraine
Development 2020

The revolutionary service in the AppFood eatery allows the customer not to have any contact with the staff, since the process of order placement and receipt takes place exclusively on the client’s smartphone. This emphasizes the slogan and concept of the app — «Your smartphone is your waiter!»

The order is made in three simple steps:

  • A user chooses what he wants to eat in the App Food;
  • Confirms his order and pays for it;
  • Waits, till it’s cooked, receives a notification that the order is ready, and picks it up at the App Food.

Stfalcon’s Task

The client had already had an application, but it was a ready-made cut-and-dried solution from the aggregator which does not allow adding the necessary extra features or app customization.

What is more, the client faced the following challenges:

  • The necessity to modernize business processes in the kitchen,
  • The need to integrate the solution with the Poster system,
  • The complete abandonment of the 1C accounting system.

Our major task was to create mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms from scratch. We have made the full redesign of the app and integrated all the features required for business purposes.


Mobile applications that meet all the client’s business requirements have been developed for each of the platforms. In addition to the main functionality, the applications allow placing food orders in advance and order delivery.

It is also important to note that the possibility of a flexible order of dishes was realized in the apps. The customer can now change the number of dressings ordered to the dishes, or even exclude some of them.

An important aspect of the project was to integrate payments with a card, via Privat24 and Google Pay.

The developed solution allows the users not only to accumulate bonus points but also to receive user discount, as the registration is realized by phone number and SMS.


  • Programming language: Kotlin / Swift,
  • Payment system: LiqPay,
  • Integration with ordering system: Poster,
  • Google Maps integration,
  • The Android app adheres to the principles of Clean Architecture, and it is divided into 3 modules for the ease of development and maintenance in the future,
  • Fast authorization via SMS.


In just 2 months we managed to develop apps that 100% meet the needs of the users in terms of fast order placement. We have solved lots of interesting issues concerning the restaurant business and coped with serious challenges using non-standard solutions.


  • Andrii

    Android Developer

  • Oksana

    Account Manager

  • Andrij

    Backend Developer

  • Yevhenii Aronov
    Yevhenii Aronov

    iOS Developer

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