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App for interaction between restaurants and suppliers in more than 40 countries

Industry Food delivery
Location Germany
Development 2020-2021


We were approached by partners in search of developers for one of the largest food delivery companies in the world (project under NDAs). Due to the rapidly growing number of orders, which already exceeded 500 million a year, the company faced the problem of communication between restaurants and food suppliers. It turned out that the industry didn’t have a suitable tool for orders in B2B, which both parties would use. This is precisely the problem that the client team set out to solve.


The solution was simple and effective: make a chat with an advanced product catalog and the ability to create both one-time and repeat orders with delivery and payment details. Also, partner restaurants (of which there are more than 500 thousand worldwide) have a lot of suppliers, who use different communication channels: from e-mail and SMS to popular instant messengers. Therefore, it was necessary to integrate the chat with as many popular services as possible for seamless interaction between the participants.


For application development, the team opted for Flutter, because it is the most modern cross-platform framework. And to release MVP as soon as possible, it was decided to use ready-made services for chat ( and catalog ( The stack of the remote team was the same as our stack, so it was very easy to join the process. In turn, this also affected the high productivity and cohesion of engineers in the process of app development.


During the year of cooperation, we helped the client create a product of the highest quality, which hundreds of restaurants began to use at the final stages of development. And our expertise has expanded both in one more industry and in the use of popular services (such as Shopify).


  • Oleksandr

    Flutter developer

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