Together with Ajax Systems, Stfalcon developed an app "Air Alert"

At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the air raid notification system became one of the major problems. In many districts of various cities and villages, people cannot hear the air raid alerts signals. Moreover, it’s almost impossible to monitor the Regional State Administration messages in Telegram/Viber all the time. That is why we came up with an idea to create an alternative reliable tool that will instantly send alerts from the civil defense system in all regions of Ukraine and will be able to warn people about the danger.

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We developed the Air Alert app together with Ajax Systems and with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation in just one day.

On the second day, the app has already become the first in the segment of Ukrainian AppStore news, which was listed by Forbes and AIN.UA and entered the list of top apps on the Play Market. During the week it was downloaded by over 2 million users.

The app informs about the beginning and end of air, chemical, technogenic and other types of civil defense system emergencies, providing the loudest possible alarms even in silent or sleep mode of the smartphone (it is the only application that supports the critical messages). By the way, on Android OS there is already a function that was requested by many users - the ability to regulate the volume of the alert directly in the app.

The Air Alert application does not require registration, does not collect personal data or geolocation data of the users.

In the app, you can choose any region of Ukraine. You can receive alarms only for a particular area or territorial community. It is also possible to install the app in EU countries and the USA.

How the "Air Alert" works:

  1. The operator of the regional state administration receives a signal about the air raid alarm.
  2. The operator immediately transmits information to the console.
  3. The app sends an alarm message to the users, who have chosen the corresponding region, district, or territorial municipality.
  4. As soon as the operator sends a signal to cancel the air raid alarm, users receive a corresponding message from the app.

We would like to emphasize that the app should be used as an additional opportunity to receive a civil defense system notification. We also highly recommend you to listen to the street sirens and check the information about the air raid alarm status in the official sources, such as the channels of Regional State Administrations on Telegram/Viber.

We are working diligently 24 hours a day to improve our app and we are thankful for all Ukrainians who helped us test the app. Thanks to direct cooperation with the Regional State Administrations and the Ministry of Digital Transformation, we were able to quickly connect new regions and inform as many people as possible about potential threats.

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Important! The app works only when connected to the Internet! Important! Help your friends, parents, and elder people to set the app to automatically update to be sure that you and yours don’t miss important improvements and fix critical errors. It could save your life.

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