Telegram bot "Shelter!" with a complete database of shelters in Ukraine

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On Saturday, we received a request to develop a bot so that people could easily find shelters near them. And on Monday afternoon we had a ready-made bot. The data for the bot is verified information, as it is provided by local authorities.

Although the relevant services are working to ensure that the shelters are always open, we unfortunately cannot be 100% sure whether a shelter near you is currently open, so this is primarily a recommendation bot.

Its task is to help you find the nearest safe place relative to your current location within a radius of 5 km. If the bot fails to find a shelter, the user will see a message that no shelter was found. This means that there is no official shelter within a 1.5 km radius.

It works very simply: no need to enter the current location manually, just send the geolocation from Telegram itself. You can also find step-by-step instructions on how to choose a location in the menu.

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