Multi-subscription, Telegram bot - what's new in the Air Alert app

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As of 10.07.2023, the Airborne Alarm app has expanded functionality. So, what has been added to the updated app?

Updates to the application

Due to numerous requests from Ukrainian citizens, the Stfalcon team has implemented a multi-subscription function in the Air Alert app, which allows the user to subscribe and receive notifications from 5 different ATCs/regions.

This is useful for citizens who travel a lot or whose relatives live in other cities or villages and are unable to monitor threats in different regions on their own. For example, we have received many requests from citizens who take care of elderly relatives living in villages. The updated app allows the user to monitor several regions, receive an alarm about selected regions, and notify loved ones by phone.

For the convenience of using the app, the volume function is now divided into "Alarm Volume" and "Snooze Volume". This will allow you not to wake up at night from the "Disarm" signal if you are already safe.

Stfalcon also created a telegram bot with a database of all shelters in Ukraine. In the Air Alert app, a link to the Shelter! telegram bot has been added to the threat notification screen, which allows you to quickly find the nearest shelter on the map by user location.

Stfalcon developments

Earlier, we told you how we created the Air Alert app in one day, which is now used by more than 11 million Ukrainians.

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We also created a device that solved the problem of remote control of street warning sirens.

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If the app did not update to version 5.0.0 automatically, you should update it manually or reinstall it. Take care of yourself and do not ignore air alarms!

The app was developed by Ajax Systems together with Stfalcon IT company and with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.