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Awareness API: What Is It and How It May Help?

Awareness API:  What Is It and How It May Help?

Every year our life and daily routine are more and more closely connected with mobile phones. Modern life is extremely dynamic and that’s why mobile apps should match the users’ activity. Awareness API exists just for the purpose.

WeChat Login Integration Process: Tips And Tricks To Know

WeChat Login Integration Process: Tips And Tricks To Know

Following the latest trends in functionality implementation, we constantly face the necessity of social media support integration into the applications we develop. As a rule, no problems set in during Facebook integration or any other popular American or European social network. However, with the Chinese social networks, it is no so.

Android Q Features: What’s New in Display and Under Hood?

Android Q Features: What’s New in Display and Under Hood?

Android Q — is the 10th major release and the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system. The first Beta of Android Q was released on March 13, 2019, today we have the 4th version to test already. However, displeasing moments still take place like launcher crashing, problems with the camera or System UI process crash in case of the telephone being unblocked with a fingerprint sensor.

How to Integrate Google Pay Service Into Your Android App and Why You Need It

Google Pay for Android app

The right choice of a payment method proposed to the client is an important condition of success in the e-commerce. When talking about mobile apps, the statistic says you may lose up to 80 % of your clients just because the payment service is inconvenient or untrustworthy. Just think of all those attempts to enter all data with the help of a touchscreen — not to mention multiple shifts and fear of data leaks. In this situation, the integration of Google Pay service is a win-win solution for all parties.

How to Make the Most from Android in-App Purchase Function

In-app purchase

Making money on a mobile app may be quite profitable if organized properly. In the annual end-of-year-report, App Annie called 2017 a monumental year in the app economy with global app downloads reaching 175 billion and consumer expenditures mounting to $86 billion. Of course, the rate of individual success depends on one’s knowledge of how to squeeze to the max from a mobile product.

How to revitalize an Android app without bloating the budget

How to improwe Android app

It is difficult to imagine a modern mobile application without animations. Good animation allows you to create an application that attracts attention and is easy to use, while not distracting the user from the app itself. This is not a technical article, but rather an overview of how to spice up Android application without blowing the budget and project deadlines.

Top-5 Android shopping apps

Top-5 Android shopping apps

Flurry Analytics’ experts have found that smartphone users spend more than 90% of the time in mobile apps, and nearly a quarter of buyers start searching for the item in the brand’s shopping app directly. Although the mobile app development cost is quite high, the number of online stores on Play market grows each month. Solid arguments to take a closer look at existing shopping apps.

ChatKit Library for Android Apps

ChatKit Library

In the world of iOS development there is a well-known JSQMessagesViewController library which helps iOS-developers to implement UI chat in their applications easily. Unfortunately, Android developers are deprived of such a wonderful tool. Therefore, we decided to give Android developers wide options for creating a fast and attractive user chatting interface in their apps.