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UX Practices from Best Travel Sites: Functionality and Usability

Travel sites UX

Whether you want to launch a new travel site or improve the existing, user experience (UX) is the first thing to consider. Attractive and easy-to-use sites achieve better user behavior metrics, which results in a higher conversion rate. That’s why successful travel agencies pay much attention to UX practices. We have analyzed them and share the most important with you.

iOS Design Patterns

Шаблоны в iOS

In this article, we will cover iOS patterns. Some of them will be considered in details, another ones will be shortly described, and others won’t be included at all.

Free tools for designers: map creation

Free tools for map creation

Maps are now a must-have for almost every website. For many mobile applications interfaces, a map is also a necessary thing. If to talk of an Uber-like service — it couldn’t do without a map. How to create a unique map and not to spend a lot of time on the map design? These free tools for designers will help each designer to create a map easily in the style of service which they are developing.

The Guide to Tech: Vue.js

Vue js application

The Vue.js 2.0 release was held back in 2016, but many owners of technology companies and Javascript developers still hesitate to use it in their projects. In this article, we will consider the key points of this solution.

How to Impact Consumer Behaviour with a Help of Color?

color impact on consumers behaviour

The effect of color on user’s behavior can’t be overestimated, especially when it comes to web design. The virtual user can’t touch the product or service physically, therefore well-chosen colors and user-friendly interface based on user experience are the most powerful tools of online communication. Which colors will help to increase website conversion and the mobile apps popularity?

Hello CoreData!

Hello CoreData!

Today we will review framework under the terrible name CoreData, from Apple. I hate it so much. This is Apple's solution to work with SQLite (a relational database). CoreData can store Swift objects in SQLite, and also it can perform the reverse operation.

7 Hottest Summer Web Design Trends

Web Development Trends

Building an ordinary website is not that easy as creating an effective online marketing tool with a modern design. A nice-looking and well-optimized site requires a lot of time, investments, and even inspiration. So, how to create a good website design in order attract more clients?

ChatKit Library for Android Apps

ChatKit Library

In the world of iOS development there is a well-known JSQMessagesViewController library which helps iOS-developers to implement UI chat in their applications easily. Unfortunately, Android developers are deprived of such a wonderful tool. Therefore, we decided to give Android developers wide options for creating a fast and attractive user chatting interface in their apps.