We live in the age of exponential growth – the amount of mobile devices and apps is growing not year-on-year, but day-to-day. Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices are used for most incredible goals.

Mobile application design for IOS and Android makes it possible for your goods and services to be downloaded on devices of your potential clients and to make them actual clients.

Apple Insanity and your success




of downloads

* According to 2014 year statistics

Doubtless advantage of mobile application is the ability of direct customer activity stimulation. Even if your client doesn’t always carry a laptop, for sure he always has a smartphone, because smartphones became the must have for modern person. Using Push notifications, you will be able to inform your clients about a new product, service or offer.

Creative design for IOS application—is a great start for your business, which will give you possibility to reach new heights. By the most conservative estimate annual turnover of an average company increased by 10% in case of correct development of programs for smartphones and tablets with a unique design, high power antivirus and intuitive UX.

A little trick

We can modify the application so that OS will be able to monitor clients’ internet requests and to offer him a product that can satisfy client’s needs.

Android is not for androids,
it’s for people!



What does Android app design give you? Let’s see statistics that shows the real amount of buying and interests of modern society. Over the last year in our country more than 1,000,000 Android devices was bought. In other words, 86% of all smartphones, sold in the second quarter were Android devices.

Android is a platform with open source code from Google and has a very simple configuration and high responsiveness to different tablets and smartphones. These distinctions made Android OS perfect for implementation of the most interesting mobile application that perfectly matches to the needs of modern business.

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The largest passenger transportation company in Europe.


Learning new recipes has become even more convenient. Recipe base is refilling constantly, the ingredients can be quickly added to your shopping list.


The app allows photographers to view the balance, create his own private gallery and mark the location on the map.


Motorists can send messages with help request,
and point the location of road accident.

Which platform is better to choose?

Whatever variant you choose, app design at StFalcon will be realized as follows:

You can order application development of any complexity. We work for you to gain money and to develop, getting continuous profit.

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