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mobile version or responsive website?

Mobile website creation is a service that becoming irrelevant, because with the change of screen extension such approach for doing business won’t bring the result, which you could see at the time of «typical» phones.

Also, you should take into account that loading of HTML pages in mobile website versions is a constant phenomenon. In fact, it is only an addition to the basic resource version, with less information and another address. This is an important aspect, if you’re engaged in promotion—you’ll see negative impact on a website ranking.

In addition, you can mention one more significant disadvantage—ongoing support expenses for both website versions and timely item updates on both resources. This leads to labor cost increase, that never had a positive effect on business, indeed everyone wants to get the most making minimal efforts and reducing human labor.

Order a responsive design

of responsive design:


A commercial service for professional photographers


The largest passenger transportation company
in Europe.


SoftArchive is a popular western file sharing service. After redesign it adapts to mobile devices, maintaining its functionality.

Are you keep thinking why do you need website responsive code? We come up with a few arguments!

This list could be almost endless, but you can be sure that cross-platform responsive website creation is a future that came true. And StFalcon company is ready to show you how future technologies can change your business, increase sales, usability and website traffic.

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