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Examples of website menu designs

Examples of Website Menu Designs

Navigation is an important part of your design that helps users to get to the website sections they need. From this article you will learn why navigation planning deserves a lot of attention. We will also show you best website menu designs worth looking at.

14 app icon design tips to follow

14 App Icon Design Tips to Follow

App icon is a small picture representing an app in Google Play or App Store and user device after installation. If you are soon to create your first mobile app icon design, follow our tips below. They will help you to avoid common app icon design mistakes and create high-quality images.

Mind mapping tools for designers

Mind mapping tools for designers class=

Mind mapping principles can be used for performing a lot of tasks: from planning home repair to creating designs. The only difference is that when choosing mind maps for arranging your design ideas, it’s better to stick to professional solutions.

Google Chrome extensions for web designers

Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

When Google launched Chrome long ago in 2008, one of its obvious drawbacks was that it had almost no extensions — very inconvenient if you got used to plethora of those offered by Firefox. But nowadays browser from the search giant has a variety of Google Chrome extensions for web designers.

Top 5 mobile app design trends in 2015

Top 5 Mobile App Design Trends in 2015

Mobile application design isn’t standing still, but is growing rapidly. Smartphones came into our lives long time ago and occupied a big chunk of it. A huge number of apps are appearing every day, offering us new opportunities on how to use smartphones. In order to surpass competitors, designers are coming up with new awesome designs. Later the most interesting and successful ones become trends. In this article, we’ll describe some modern mobile application design trends.

How to show design mockups

How to show design mockups

It’s very important to show design mockups to a client during website or apps (applications) development. Experts advice is to invite clients to your office to make presentation personally, but we are working with our clients remotely, so we don’t have such an opportunity. I will tell you about the technical part of the process without discussing client communication tips.