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2020 Delivery Trends in Parcel Shipping You Should Keep in Mind for a TMS

2020 Delivery Trends in Parcel Shipping You Should Keep in Mind for a TMS

The changing world changes consumers, their demands and expectations, as a result, shipping service goes up to new heights annually and the role of parcel shipping is re-prioritized. The shippers now need to rethink their strategies and find ways out of the challenges they face. The major expectation of the present-day customer is same-day/next-day delivery. In fact, the present delivery is already to a great extent digital, transparent, fast and flexible. You need to meet these criteria to be successful since there are plenty of delivery options and many choices for the consumers to choose from. Besides, many of them are ready to pay a premium for faster delivery.

Taxi and Car Booking Mobile App Development: What’s New

Taxi and Car Booking Mobile App Development: What’s New

With the contemporary shift from simply digital world to the world of mobile devices, businesses have to adjust, and we can clearly see that the concept of app solutions has already altered many industries. We are going to speak about the taxi services and car rental facilities since the trend of taxi booking mobile app development has greatly enhanced user experience in this sector in recent years. Nowadays car rental websites or services worth their salt offer their clients mobile apps to provide better service and unique customer experience.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Transportation Management System?

How much it costs to build a transportation management system

Global TMS market size has exceeded $2.5 billion in 2019, and it is expected to almost double and reach $4.8 billion by the end of 2025 with an overwhelming annual CAGR of 14.5%. But why has the automation of transport logistics and freight operation several years ago and the interest in transportation software development services does not cease? Naturally, the key benefit for businesses is cost-effectiveness. Through data analysis and cargo transportation optimization, TMS allows you to save the budget in the shipping process. According to Cerasis, with a TMS solution, freight invoice payments can be reduced by 90-95%. What’s the catch? Let’s check out the benefits a TMS offers.

Taxi and car booking mobile app development

Taxi and Car Booking Mobile App Development

In big cities with heavy traffic and few parking spots it becomes exceedingly popular to rely on public transportation, bikes and rented cars for moving around. Services like Uber and Zipcar allow people to benefit from riding an individual transport and yet eliminate all those parking and maintaining troubles. That’s why taxi or car booking mobile app development is a right choice for your transportation company.