We provide full-service design, web and mobile development

Step 1. Discovery phase

The main aim of the preliminary analysis is to provide a quotation to the customer. For the purpose, the maximum possible details about the client’s needs are gathered and put in a separate document.
Lean Model Canvas
Conceptual description of the business model of your product for MVP
Customer Journey Map
Scenarios containing the basic needs, pains and fears of the client on his way to achieving the result
User Flow
Visual interface prototypes, which demonstrate the system users’ path
User Stories
The list of functional system requirements and acceptance criteria
Product Vision
The document describing the general goals of the project and the solution offered
Non-functional requirements
System properties or limitations not related to the behaviour of the system

Step 2. Design

We offer prototyping, UI and UX design for web and mobile products. Our approach is simple: we focus on how real users will use our clients’ products.

Search for ideas

Brainstorming, elaboration of metaphor


Detailing the idea, prototyping, mockups


Expert’s review, usability testing


Development, research, improvements

Step 3. Development

Development is accomplished in sprints, each lasting for one or two weeks. The sprint duration depends on the complexity of the project. A set of user stories to be fulfilled is formed for every sprint.
Task analysis, decomposition process
Looking for solution: design creation
Backend and frontend implementation
Quality assurance
Demonstration to the client
Release for market