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What we propose

We develop games for multi platforms, our main tool is a Unity 3D engine, which allows to adopt games for a variety of mobile gadgets. We can make it for all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, Windows, Mac, Linux, WebGL, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, XBox one, XBox 360, Wii U.


Game Development

Game development is a childhood dream of each gamer in the world. Nevertheless, you need much more, than just a strong wish to create a high-quality project. That’s why our team consists not only of programmers, who are children at heart, but also, artists, 3-d modelers and scenarists, who create a high-quality project from potential idea.

Development Sages

  1. Development usually starts with a game concept. Game concept is a very important document, where the goals, features of the project, market and target audience researches and terms and conditions of the project are outlined. There are also characteristics of the game mechanics (description of the game process), a set of concepts, first draft script and concept art.
  2. After the concept of the game was determined, programmers begin to carry out the game mechanics, artists and designers create graphics and concept arts, sprites and animation. The most appropriate concept is chosen according to the results of some sketches. And then drawing, rendering, 3-d modeling begins.
  3. Due to the genre of the game the monetization strategy and promotion are defined, because solutions appropriate for RPG couldn’t be relevant to mobile version of Tower Defense.
  4. While creating content (graphics, music, texts, etc), it is brought into the game and when working version already exists, the building of the game world begins.
  5. After the game is 90% ready, we also implement analytics (Flurry, Google Analytics etc), that allows to understand gamer behavior during the whole game and to make corrections, if necessary, to provide gamers with maximum comfort level.

Additional arrangements and work features

  • We know all project changes and we make corrections to the balance, if necessary.
  • We have also QA department, which tests our games and maintain the high quality of our products.
  • Multiplatform. Due to Unity development of our games, 21 publishing platforms are available for us, so we are free to choose. User can play in browser, if he installs Unity Player and on mobile phone or from PC, Xbox or PlayStation. The choice is yours.
  • We began with LibGDX and AndEngine, so if you decide to make a mobile game, we are ready to use our skills, in order to give ability to play not only for users with newest devices, but also for user with early model smartphones. We guarantee, that you won’t blame us for bad navigation or UI.