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What we propose

Website design is a process that includes planning and visual design of information on the site. During the process designer think over the general concept, navigation, location of information blocks and other elements.

  • Web interface

    Creating prototype to demonstrate clients issue solution. The prototype demonstrates the basic navigation and interaction with the interface.

  • Mobile Apps design
    for IOS and Android.

    We design applications, taking into account the individual characteristics of each platform, and official recommendations for developers.

  • Responsive
    web design.

    More and more people surf the Internet via their smartphones and tablets, because adaptability has become an integral part of any modern website

  • User experience

    Sometimes awkward or non-obvious interface can greatly harm the overall impression of the site or application. We try to satisfy people with the use of sites and applications of our customers

Examples of website and UI design

  • MobileArts


    development, design

  • Vethem


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  • Credit Agricole

    Credit Agricole

    credit agricole, design of payment kiosks, design for credit agricole payment kiosks

  • Fwdays


    development, design, re-design, mobile version, booking

Web Design and UI Design

We know such things about custom web design, which others don’t know. For us it is not only creation of original visual style and proper color and font selection, but also development of unique bestirring inspirational visual system, which will convey the essence and advantages of your product and hit the target.

Why business needs good design

Fine dress helps to impress. First impression of a company or service is formed from the very beginning of the interaction with website. Well thought out website visual style makes good impression and increases confidence to a service. User-friendly interface doesn’t irritate and brings joy of use.

How do we make a good design

Our approach to design is very individual. We think over all possible combinations, all little things, a person can face with.

We start websites and apps design from project charting, structure map and functional parts. It helps to see the big picture and bottlenecks, when you have to pay more attention and to spend more time getting around the problem. A client knows best of all his own business, that’s why it’s so important to involve him in collaboration at design phase. We are guided by our experience and knowledge bundle in website and apps design. Having the structure, we do simple sketches on paper.

Often we begin our work from creating a main page of a website or application. This is the first thing that people see, but there are some exceptions. For example in e-commerce sites flypage can become the main page. These pages we call landing pages and pay lots of attention to its design. Then we develop wireframes- sketches with detailed information, grid and structure. At this stage a clients can give an advice which solution will work best.

When a structure is defined, it is possible to beauty a mockup: to choose font and color, graphic common style, to select pictures, photos and illustrations.

Design mockups, which were created, are put together in interactive prototype, where a client can navigate through mockups, interacting with interactive elements. This is a great way to test a product before its code implementation.

It is very important to hear a customer impression and feedback –whether the design hits the target or not. We don’t expect the client feedback how to change a design, we listen to the problems and try to solve them as simply, quickly and effective as possible.