Ember.js Websites

Web development market is developing very fast, getting more and more variable, and setting trends on technologies.

Tools, that were recently used everywhere are getting more and more unused, while for solving the most of particular tasks are used narrow technologies. The usability becomes adequate while using native web applications. (e.g. java for Android, for IOS Objective C or Swift).

Talking about advanced technologies, connected with web architecture, you can’t help but mention Single Page Application (SPA), the popular web applications category, which are client-side applications, built in his web browser without page reloading.

One of the most famous, exemplary and powerful SPA in the world is Google e-mail service Gmail.

The advantages
of Single Page Application (SPA)

Why Ember.js is the best framework
for Single Page Applications development?

Web applications Development based on Ember.js framework is the ability to solve the problem of business organization in the internet quickly and efficiently. Here are some reasons why we do love Ember.js development:


    It is used for creating flexible and scalable spa-applications by such major companies as: Instagrille, Yahoo, Tilde, Twine, Univese, Ted, etc.


    Ember.js project is easy to expand and to support.


    While developing Ember, a great attention was payed to the speed of response. Your application more likely will be downloaded & work faster.


    The ability of component architecture (reuse code).


    It’s rapidly developing advanced technology.

What will you get if you will work with us?

In Stfalcon there is a team of professional front-end developers, designers, artists and managers, who are using modern technologies to fulfill your task. We are experts in php framework Symfony2 and we have a great experience of Ember.js website development. Perhaps we know it better, than anyone else.

Our collaboration will be pleasant, mutually profitable and interesting for both sides.