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Logistics Software — The Major Key to Solve Your Supply Chain Issues

Logistics Software  - The Major Key to Solve Your Supply Chain Issues

Modern logistics and supply chain processes are being continuously reshaped nowadays. Transformations taking place start from the very core and result in more refined and fast logistics procedures and the way they are managed.

The complexity of processes and constantly growing demand for logistics services determine the major factors influencing the approach to the supply chain issues. They are efficiency and speed, which are able to provide tremendous competitive and business advantages to the enterprises if properly organized. And it actually does not matter if it’s a manufacturing corporation, a logistics company or some kind of a startup related the supply chain issues.

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5 Progressive Digital Solutions to Upscale Your Transport and Logistics Business in 2019

5 Progressive Digital Solutions to Upscale Your Transport and Logistics Business in 2019

Automation is a major precondition for advancement in passenger and cargo transportation. With the introduction of new operational models, logistics today has become much more complex. Clients expect faster service and more transparency. So, even small and middle transportation businesses turn their attention to digital solutions in hope to minimize manual management, paperwork, and foot-dragging.

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Transport Logistics Automation: What is TMS?

Transportation Management System

Revenue from the long-distance freight trucking is expected to grow about $108B by 2020 only in the U.S. Logistic software automation is huge, however, the transport logistics automation is extremely low. The project for logistics sector can become a blue ocean for your startup. And if you are a transportation company’s owner — customized automation solution will help beat the competition and increase your profits. TMS is probably the most demanded solution for transport logistics automation. What is TMS and what opportunities does it open up for the transport industry?

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How can web solutions improve logistics business efficiency?

solutions for logistics business

Global logistics costs amount to 10% of GDP — that is about $7T, a huge total indeed. If to compare this sum — America’s GDP in 2016 was $18,5T. Nevertheless amount of money in the logistic and shipping industry is huge, the needs for software logistic automatization is everywhere. How can web solutions for logistics help to prevent the delay of freight and low shipping cost estimates?

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Success story: how our client became leader of European transport services

FlixBus Success Story

News about special offer to buy bus tickets from Ukraine to some European cities for 5 EURO literally exploded in the net and boosted hype among travel lovers.

FlixBus (MeinFernbus) company actively conquers new European markets and from now on offers its services to Ukrainians. «Welcome to Flix net, Ukraine! Now you can always find sales — and every time different destination» — states official website.

So what was the key to success of the biggest bus travel company in Europe?

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